What is our true human potential, are we living our lives maximizing everything we are capable of? Since 1968 the men’s world record for the 100 meter sprint has been shattered 12 times. What makes the process happen over such a time span? If we have the potential to run as fast as we do today then why didn’t we reach that potential in the beginning? Obviously it is not until one record was broken that the mental bar for human potential to run even faster was raised enough for the next record could be attempted. As such the population gradually sees impossibilities become realities. Mental barriers prevent us from experiencing our true potential.

What we perceive as realties in our life is based on our perception of the normal expected standards of the time. One of our current realty is that 40 years old is middle age and a life expectancy is into the 70s or 80s with generally a poor quality of health. However we need to know those records are being shattered by a population that has become known as “centurions”. Why is it some people live longer and healthier than others? What are their differences in daily routines, diet, exercise, beliefs and health care?

blog_humanPotential_NGMIn 2000, the World Health Organization came out with a report ranking the health of the world’s nations. The United States ranked a very poor 37th on the list with a not so surprising statistic that we ranked number one in spending. What also came from this report was the average life expectancy for our nation is 68 to 74 years old. True we are living longer today then compared to 100 years ago, but are we living longer and healthier? Or are we living longer and better preserved? In 1973 National Geographic Magazine published an article on, “the Hunzas”, a group of “centurions” that lived on average 120 to 130 years of age, lived their entire life with full function. In May of 2010 Dr. Oz wrote an article on a group of “centurions” living in Costa Rica. Dr. Oz had this to say about our human potential “Indeed, there’s no reason we can’t live to 100 — and do so with energy and good health.”

So what is the difference between the world we live in and the world of the “centurions”? I like to define it as living a life of mastering the basics. Take simple steps to living five basic daily life habits, which result in our body consistently moving towards strength and health and away from weakness and sickness. Here are the steps to Mastering the Basics; gathered from what I’ve learned researching long-living populations around the world and progressive scientific research.

Daily Habits of Oldest Living People

  1. Daily Exercise: Bodies have a use it or lose it reaction to activity. Rigorous daily activity results in flexible joint, stronger bones and muscles, as well as detoxifying the organs, tissues and systems.
  2. Whole Foods: If it looks like it did when it came off the tree or out of the ground then you can put it in your body. Whole foods contain a vast amount of vitamin’s, minerals and nutrients, not found in processed foods, which promote the natural regenerative process of the body. Ask yourself “if I eat this with it make me fat or fit, will it clog or cleanse”?
  3. Rest: Sleep six to eight hours a night. Deep sleep promotes the body’s natural production of healing, restorative growth hormones. Sleep deprivation has been shown to lead to a break down both physically and mentally.
  4. Mental Focus: I have always lived by the saying “You’re Focus Becomes Your Reality”. Centurions have been shown to have a purpose in life, to set goals and to focus on happiness, not drama. The connection found between couples has shown to extend their lives beyond those that lived alone.
  5. Regular Vitamin D: Daily sun exposure along with a healthy diet allows for their skin to remain healthy. Vitamin D is an essential hormone produced in the body. Vitamin D has been shown to have numerous health benefits.
  6. Clear Neurological Connection: The life force within the brain controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system. There is an intimate connection between the spine and nerve system. If the spine loses its normal alignment it can result in a partial loss of the connection between the brain and the body. Proper spinal alignment and flexibility is essential to maintaining a clear neurological connection.

Humans’ living into their 100’s with full health and function speaks to your and my potential. Adopting simple lifestyle habits can drastically change our destiny radically affecting our lives and the lives of the generations to follow.

Blog Article By: Dr. Eric McKillican, DC, FICPA, LCP


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