Chiropractic Care for the Pregnant Mommies

page_prePostNatalThe journey of creating life is a precious, beautiful process. However, it is not without its challenges, the ever changing and growing baby puts constant stress and strain on the mommy’s body. Many women experience challenges with back pain, increased labor pains, longer delivery times as a result of their spine and pelvis out of its proper alignment. This can lead to multiple interventions during the labor and delivery process.

Chiropractic care for the pregnant women throughout all the stages of her pregnancy and even after her delivery has shown to reduce some of the challenges associated with pregnancies. One study showed that the pelvic outlet could increase by 30% just switching the mommies’ position from her back to squatting during labor. This speaks to the importance of proper alignment of the pelvis, sacrum and spine. Regular chiropractic care throughout her terms promotes a healthy environment for both mommy and baby to grow together.

Dr. McKillican has spent many hours after graduation studying to become trained in the care of mommies and their babies. The Webster technique is just one example; this is a gentle procedure that balances the mom’s pelvic and sacrum and relaxes the supporting ligaments, maintaining proper alignment and tone. As a result it has been shown to be very effective in allowing baby to turn head down and engage the pelvis in preparation for birth. Chiropractic works to create an environment for mom and baby that is relaxed and at ease.