What Is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic has been around since 1895, is a science, art, and philosophy of all things natural. It is a philosophy of life and health that believes there is an internal wisdom in all living things. It maintains their existence, which heals sickness and allows the development of their full potential as long as it is not interfered with.Chiropractors work with the knowledge that every cell, tissue and organ in the body are controlled and coordinated by the nerve system. Messages sent from the brain over the nerves to the body allow for ultimate function, repair and regrowth of the bodies systems. Interference to the nerve system can cause disconnection and lead to a loss of health, function and life.

What Is Subluxation?

VSC: The Vertebral Subluxation Complex results in interference to function, causing lack of health on every level. The vertebral subluxation is the term applied to a vertebra which has lost its normal position and/or motion in relation to neighboring vertebrae. Vertebrae which do not function properly within the spinal framework generate mechanical stress. This accelerates the wear and tear on the surrounding spinal muscles, ligaments, discs, joint and other spinal tissues. Pain, palpatory tenderness, inflammation, decreased spinal mobility, and muscle spasm and hypertonicity will eventually follow.

Additionally, because of the direct mechanical and physiological relationship between the spinal column and the spinal nerve roots, vertebral subluxations as well as other spinal abnormalities have the potential to impair proper nerve functioning. Once nerve functioning is compromised, communication within the body becomes less effective jeopardizing the overall health and wellness of the individual.

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Subluxation Image

X-Ray showing Subluxation

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