Laws of Nature, Are you Thriving or Surviving?

Laws of Nature Are You Thriving or Surviving? By: Dr. Eric McKillican, DC, FICPA, LCP Folsom’s Premiere Chiropractor for Children and Adults Plants grow according to the laws of nature. If all of the elements needed are present the plant will thrive; if only partial... read more

Are Your Windows Dirty?

Are Your Windows Dirty? By: Dr. Eric McKillican, DC, FICPA, LCP Folsom’s Premiere Chiropractor for Children and Adults   How clear are your windows? Have you ever realized how slowly over time windows build up dirt and grime, only to notice the drastic difference... read more

Do You Have Curves?

Do You Have Curves? By: Dr. Eric McKillican, DC, FICPA, LCP Historically arches and curves found in nature were inspirational to early architects when building some of the most magnificent structures still standing today. Architecturally physics shows us that adding... read more

How is Your Signal?

“Can you Hear Me Now?” Many of us today have a dependence on our wireless technology. As such we understand the importance of having full signal strength in order for our devices to work properly. In other words, the function is dependent upon proper connection. The... read more

Healthy Eating Guidelines

Diets do not work! They backfire causing the body to rebound loading up the fat cells just incase you attempt yet another foolish “diet”. The following are guidelines to follow to establish proper, healthy eating habits. This is a way of life to be followed regularly,... read more

Subluxation At Birth – The Effect

Introduction I have heard it said, “Nature needs no help, just no interference.” To watch the process of a developing child puts me in awe of the incredible power and intent that nature has. At the moment the child is born, however, we begin to interfere with that... read more

What Happened to Super Man?

If you can remember the 70s and 80s than you can remember Christopher Reeve as Superman, big as ever, on the big screen. Then on that fateful day in 1995 Superman would be no more, he had broken his neck and was paralyzed. Christopher Reeve a 41 year old man was... read more

Human Potential

What is our true human potential, are we living our lives maximizing everything we are capable of? Since 1968 the men’s world record for the 100 meter sprint has been shattered 12 times. What makes the process happen over such a time span? If we have the potential to... read more

I Am a Chiropractor

I am a chiropractor working with the sciences of the universe by turning on the life in man thru the art of the adjustment. I do not prescribe, treat or diagnose conditions. I use only my hands. I work with that “mysterious something” which created my body from two... read more